No Public In Public Service

January 2, 2009

Here in Ottawa we have had a Public Transit strike going on for the last month.

The strike has not been about money, but one of those perks that too many many unions want. you know, like the Auto Workers Jobs Bank. (we know where that has left the Detroit 3)

The Jan 02 issue of a local Ottawa paper reported that the federal government is ordering the union to hold a full membership vote on the latest contract offer.

The unions Great Cornholio Andre Cornellier who is radically against a full vote was quoted saying; (emphasis mine)

It is the members themselves who will decide…not the mayor….not city council… and not the Ottawa Public

Does anybody think that striking for a Perk in a recession is a little massive case of screwed up timing?

I have never taken sides in this strike, but that comment pissed me off.

November stats claimed that 70,000 people in this Province lost their jobs, many of those in the manufacturing sector.

I would suggest that more then the required 2300 or so bodies needed could easily be recruited from that group.

In fact, my kids school bus driver could do a better, and probably friendlier job.


I have always been at very least union neutral, but you have formally lost any support this public may have had.

Grow up. My taxes are paying you and I have no problem with my taxes replacing you.

Forget declaring you a required service to get you back on the job – 70,000 displaced Ontarians can do your job.

Maybe we need the Iron Lady.


2 Responses to “No Public In Public Service”

  1. elliotross Says:

    Thanks for dropping by!

    And in my opinion – wait for ‘good times’ before looking to improve perks.

    In bad times, be glad you are employed!



  2. XUP Says:

    This is definitely a big mess no matter which side you’re coming from. Larry can’t back down because this is the first time ever that he’s had any public support and the union can’t back down because they don’t want to give up the honeypot. Federal legislation undermines the whole concept and purpose of unions and who knows how this vote is going to turn out? And what happens when/if they do go back to work? It’s not going to end well. As you say, the whole system needs restructuring

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