Can You Share?

January 5, 2009

J. Nicholas Hoover has a post on the Information Week Cloud Computing Blog titled; The Community Cloud

The post is regarding organizations pooling data centre resources into shared cloud computing services.

The article is interesting, but it actually reminded me of something else that I had read about previously.

Can You Share Business Continuity Resources?

Small / Medium businesses usually do really poorly at business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

And back in the years BB (Before Blog!) I had read of business in the SMB space (and even larger) that negotiated sharing agreements with similar sized organizations for continuity/ disaster recovery planning.

The cost of fully redundant data centres is beyond the ability of SMB’s. And while third party vendors do exist for this purpose, maybe there is a business your size in another region where your data centre becomes their backup, and vice versa.

This type of sharing does not wipe out all costs, but it could definately save some costs, and definately be better than the nothing that you have now!

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