Bull Shit

January 8, 2009

Being born in mid 1964, I am technically part of the Boomer generation, but if you read traits of the generations, I have a few of the traits from from both the Boomer & Gen-X. (I guess ’64 was a transition year!)

So even as the getting older fogey that I am, I realize that one of the key business drivers in this new  millennium is innovation and collaboration.

Gideon J. Lenkey writes at Internet Evolution about; The Case for Blocking Facebook, IM & Webmail

I won’t go into the article in detail, you can visit it.

But it is right in the ballpark of not allowing employees to use telephones, then computers, then the network, then the Internet.

You get the idea.

The social in business is here to stay.

Collaboration is no longer mandatory 6PM Friday meetings around the conference room table.

Innovation is not an 8 hour task given at 3PM Tuesday, due Wednesday at 8 AM

Innovation and Collaboration are coming through new, modern tools such as IM, and Blogs.

It is connecting, sharing, and comparing.

It  across time, across place, and without borders.

Don’t take my word for it. There are other fogeys saying the same.

Ask Ram Charan,

Ask Don Tapscott ,

Ask Clayton M. Christensen

and Forrester Research

You can try to crawl back into the rabbit hole to the bad old days.

But your competition probably won’t

Then you lose.


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