About A 1000 Opportunities To Sell

January 14, 2009

Over the holidays I was talking to small business owner who does not have a web site.

I went through a few statistics.

  • This blog that you are reading is not an A-List high traffic site.
  • You will also notice that I don’t try to sell anything. This blog is an information only conduit.

Yet this little blog still gets about a thousand hits per month.

If I was selling a product or service, each month there is a thousand possible conversions to a sale.

Next Step

I then went to Google Adwords and used one niche keyword phrase based on his product. The result;

Approx Search Volume: December, 201,000

That was just one of the returned results.

His business is Canada only, so we have to discount that figure significantly.

The Takeaway

Your small business web site must exist.

You absolutely must ensure good web design, and good, descriptive words of your product or service.

If I take only a quarter of that Google keyword volume of 201,000 as a high, and my little blog as a low, that still leaves somewhere between 1000 and 50,000 opportunities for you to sell.

How many events, phone calls and meetings can you cram into a month?

I doubt that it fits any where close to those figures.


2 Responses to “About A 1000 Opportunities To Sell”

  1. elliotross Says:

    Thanks for dropping by:-)

    I will check it out – have a great New Year!

  2. straw000 Says:

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