The New OOBE

January 15, 2009

Way Back When.1994

Way back in the early to mid ’90’s, buying a computer was, well;

A pain in the ass. You received a bunch of boxes that you you were then on your own to get set up as a working device.

This was no joy for the computers vendors either;

Pain Point number 1 for computer vendors was the excessive support costs of trying to walk people through a tech support call to get everything working.

Pain Point number 2 was that customer satisfaction could be somewhere between slim and none.

The PC industry (and press) adopted an acronym of OOBE, which stood for Out of Box Experience. That little mantra was designed to take the ‘geek’ out of buying and putting together the printer, PC and modem and other pieces.

The Out of Box Experience was the goal of improving customer satisfaction and reducing support costs by ensuring that hooking everything up was as simple as possible.

If you bought a computer after that time, you will remember the big, colored paper with all the cables, and the little places to put them.

QoE The New OOBE

Pam Baker at CIO Update has an article titled; QoE: The New Next-Gen IT Trend

This is an acronym whose time has been needed for years.

The QoE acronym is for quality of experience.

In today’s economy, each customer is worth his weight in gold, quite literally. Retaining that gold is businesses’ highest order of the day. Perhaps it is not that remarkable, then, that customer experience is now a top focus of IT.

Technical staffs have to remember that the biggest, coolest, solution is worth nothing if you do not make it easier or  cheaper for your customers (both internal and external) to do business with you.

Just as the OOBE was a powerful method of improving the experience of the home PC user, the quality of IT service and support experience can perform the same for your organization.

So get out a piece of paper and write 100 times;

Am I giving a good quality of experience
Am I giving a good quality of experience
Am I giving a good quality of experience …..

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2 Responses to “The New OOBE”

  1. elliotross Says:

    @Pam, thank you so much for stopping by.

    I thank you for writing the article!

    I hope the days of clicking 30 places through 15 menu screens to update one record are soon past.



  2. Pam Baker Says:

    I love your blog and, of course, agree with your assessment completely. 🙂 Thank you for your comments on my article and this very important topic!

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