It Is Not An IT Problem

January 30, 2009

The technology questions currently being considered by businesses of all size are rampant.

  • Software as a service (saas); Should we? Shouldn’t We?
  • Social Media; what will it do for me?
  • Cloud Computing; what is it? does it work? Is it less expensive?

The list goes on.

As a small / medium business owner or manager, can you identify What is missing from these questions?

For most SME’s, one key, in fact a very key, fact.

They are not technology problems or questions.

They are business ones. As a SME owner or manager, they are your business questions.

Technology is only a tool. You can use it to apply your business strategy. (your strategy could use post-it type notes too)

If your strategy is to increase sales by 10% this year, what tactical requirements and costs will help you get there?

If one of those tactical requirements is better managing the customer relationship, and you have chosen a technical solution, what are the costs of doing it yourself vs. utilizing a 3rd party provider?

If your strategy is to consolidate disparate  information from manufacturing and sales, your decision may be different.

Your IT staff or provider has to sit at the table, has to present you recommendations, advice and costs.

You can demand that they offer you solutions, demand that they offer you alternatives.

But get rid of any notion that technology is just an IT problem.

It isn’t.

The strategic problem is yours.



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