I Detest Dump The Chump Games

February 2, 2009

Forgive me for this little rant.

Just about 15 years ago, I jumped out of the property management industry, (trust me – there was no parachute!) and moved over to the tech field at that very entry level position;

Help Desk.

In that first position I worked with some folks who had a little mantra that they called dump the chump.

You know the ones, ‘Reboot and call back’ (and under their breath, ‘you won’t get me…’)

I hated it – my response was always that if everybody was as good in tech as we were, we would be out of work.

A situation reminded me of this recently. Someone was referred to me for an IT related issue by someone in their own organization who seemed to be playing the same dump the chump game.

I was looking into it on that individuals behalf, and was getting the same pointed fingers of not our problem.

Blow it out  your arse people.

Take ownership.

Make it your issue.

If you are in IT, Take  the high road and get it resolved.

Everybody is responsible for our businesses success.

Yes tech guys and gals  – that means you too.

If you wanna read about doing this right, check 1 to 1 Media here


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