We Ain’t Always the Experts

February 3, 2009

The lens of past success often gives us pre-conceived notions of what the best idea or path will be.

This is a bias that affects IT staff too.

I guess it is part of the old adage; when all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail

In that vein, Robert Hacker has this quote on his Sophisticated Finance blog;

When you enlist the advice of an advisor or expert, such as an investment banker or a lawyer, do not present your solution and ask for confirmation

Human Resource managers will recognize this type of confirmation bias. Picking the facts that already mesh with what our lens of experience has shown us has worked in the past.

As an IT staff member or provider, keeping your mind open to ways that you have ‘not’ used before can be difficult. Because we can get stuck in old mental habits.

For non-technology business managers,

Keep asking the questions;

Is this investment producing the right outcomes for you?

What are you not receiving from your IT staff or supplier?

Just because they did it three times at previous locations, does not mean that it is right for yours.

I have a real world example of this that I will expand in a later post!

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