Align IT With Customers

February 12, 2009


Customers Pay The Bills

Customers Pay The Bills



Bob Evans @ Information Week has an article titled; Align IT With Customers, Not Business.

The article is geared towards technology managers, and it advises that even in IT, we need to know our customers. (it has also been a little controversial)

…This approach connects them intimately with the key drivers of change–their customers!–whose tastes and demands determine how businesses evolve.

In the Small business  / medium business space, it is even more critical that all members of the organization keep the customer first and formost. 

As I wrote about a year ago; 

 Sometimes it becomes easy to lose sight of this – the customer is the one who pays the bills.

So keep asking the questions;

Does this business technology investment make it easier or less expensive to do business with us?

Does this investment make it easier, faster, or less expensive for our internal staff to serve our customers?

If not,

What are you doing it for?

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