SMB IT: Consultants and ITIL

February 13, 2009

Question: Is there anything wrong with using consultants to help you formalize an ITIL strategy?

Absolutely not!


Ask yourself if you are renting expertise, or on a lease to own plan.

Renting is a complete knowledge transfer of best practices and processes. The recommendations and roadmap that can get you there.

The lease to own plan is a thick binder on your desk, and then they walk away.

What do you have left?

Well, it will be One of two things;

A nice binder sitting on a shelf

Or the consultants coming back in to do it all for you.

They will love option number two, it is more billable hours!

Here is the rub;

As a SME manager, renting requires more work by you and your team. But then you are driving the car for your ITIL service strategy, not just a passenger in someone elses.

Whenever the word consultant pops up, are you asking if it is a rental or lease to own plan?

My first post on ITIL is way back here. 

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2 Responses to “SMB IT: Consultants and ITIL”

  1. elliotross Says:

    @PM, Thanks for dropping by – agree completely –

    My warning though is that a good professional services engagement (for the business side!) is a strong knowledge transfer, road map and recommendation.

    In other words – ‘schooling’. You have now learned how, you know have goals, and you have an idea how to get there.

  2. PM Hut Says:

    ITIL has an overhead and requires a certain dexterity that a lot of companies do not possess. I do expect that more and more ITIL consultants will be in demand as the adoption rate is growing exponentially.

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