Big Software: Don’t Accept The Defaults- Ever

February 16, 2009

Big Software?

OK, I mean the larger business or enterprise software that you own, that could be E-Mail servers, database servers and the like.

Yes I am a Business Technology Manager for a small business.

The term small business is key!

That means I still do a lot of hands on, down in the weeds, software installation and configuration.

I have been doing a large migration of data and databases onto both an upgraded server, and upgraded database platform.

No Defaults!

I am quite sure you have done it!

You are installing some software on your computer, maybe it is word processing software, or graphics software. You start the installation, and just keep clicking Next, Next, Next until you get to Finished.

You just accepted all the defaults that the software vendor thinks is appropriate.

Personal software on your computer is one thing, but with larger business applications, never accept those defaults. Because occasionally those defaults will not be appropriate.

Even today large software installations can resort to default settings that can be ludicrous.

And too often people just keep clicking Next and accepting those defaults.

Those of you who may have worked with Oracle in the past probably remember the change_on_install password, (that was the account password!) and too often it still was the password.

Or you may remember the default blank system administrator password in another database management system. 

When it comes to larger software packages, it may be a sales force tool, maybe ERP, but somewhare hiding in there will be a default that makes zero sense.

Don’t accept those defaults.


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