On Being The Small Business Tech Manager

February 16, 2009

This post was inspired by Ron Ulrici’s note titled; The Lonely Human Resource Manager

The majority of my technology career has been in the SME space.

There are negatives for sure. You are the one and only.

Vacation? you have to look up the definition. 

Benefits? You know they exist somewhere (else!)

But I like it

Technology workers in large organizations can get into very shallow, very narrow job descriptions. The cog in the great big wheel type thing.

In the small to medium business space, we all wear more than one hat. 

I enjoy looking at the more strategic issues we face in our environment. Both in, and ouside of technology.

Sure, I will never have 6 weeks vacation or a pension plan – but I know that every day is something different. Forcing the old brain cells to work in a fashion that rarely can happen in a larger organization.

As Ron states, we live and die by our decisions. And in the SMB space, the results are direct and immediate. The buck stops with you.

I like that.

Thanks Ron!

2 Responses to “On Being The Small Business Tech Manager”

  1. elliotross Says:

    Ron, thanks for dropping by!

    It can be fun, frustrating, and challenging.

    But at the end of the day,the immediacy, the contribution, and yes, the challenge, make it worth it.

    Regardless of your specialty!

    Best wishes & Regards,


  2. Ron Ulrici Says:

    Long vacations and pensions are over-rated. And, it may be safer being part of the group in a large company, but it isn’t as fun.

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