Know Your Communication Style

February 17, 2009

And don’t be afraid to ask for it!

I had the wonderful opportunity to listen to conversation between a manager and a consultant.

OK, I lied! Boy did I lie.

It was not wonderful, it was horrible, it was ghastly, it was downright painful.

The manager is a hard nosed, give me the key figures, give me the next steps, give the recommendation type individual.

The consultant was a long winded, build up the story and paint the picture type individual.

As much talk as there was – there was no communication.

There are entire volumes written about our individual learning and communications styles, and communication skills – so I won’t go into that here.

But as a business technology manager, I consider it my duty to know the communication styles of the individuals I deal with.

As a small to medium busines owner or manager, you should know what your preferred style is.

And if your IT staff or provider is not providing it – You are fully within your right to ask for it!

Do you?


Communication is Critical

Communication is Critical

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