Processes Through Other Lenses

February 18, 2009

We have talked a lot about process on this blog.

Along the way I have tried to use non technology analogies to illustrate the concepts of process as it applies to the  ITIL framework

Lets Look at some other process examples

As small to medium business owners and managers, many of you are familiar with internal processes within your specific functions. Although you possibly don’t think of them as formal processes.

Human Resources

If your background is as a senior HR executive, you are familiar with performing job analysis, which then drives your job specifications, and descriptions, which drives your recruiting, training, compensation, and evaluations.


As a senior sales executive, you very carefully monitor your pipeline in all stages of your sales funnel. All the touch points that  affect the decision to purchase your product or service.

You may call them steps, checkpoints, gating events or milestones.

But they are a discrete, monitored events that you carefully watch. It may be one person responsible, or it may be a case team. And you monitor it to avoid details falling through the cracks.

IT Does Not Get A Free Pass

Don’t you think that your IT staff or provider should have the same discipline?

A framework by any other name, is still monitored events that you carefully watch

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