Canadian Privacy: Yer Doin It Wrong

February 19, 2009

From the I-don’t-effing-believe-this-category

Mitch over at SensoryMetrics had this jewel out yesterday.

You know that nice & fancy Do Not Call Registry that we taxpayers paid for?

You know the one, we were trying to at least keep up with the US one in stopping those damned telemarketers from calling in the middle of dinner?

Well guess what! In typical Canadian foobar fashion, step up all you scummy telemarketers, hucksters & fraudsters!

For $1100.00 bucks – you can buy every telephone number registered with that list in Canada!

Just want want little area code? Hey that is only 55 bucks!

Forget the $1100.00, a hundred and ten bucks buys you 905 & 416 – half the province of Ontario.

And you even get to say that you bought the list from the government!

Can’t beat that can you!


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