Real SMB IT: Backing Up Data, It’s Just A Start

February 20, 2009

Backing Up Data, Its Just A Start

Backing Up Data, It's Just A Start



As a SMB, I certainly hope that you regularly back up all that critical data that you have.

I also hope that you regularly test those data backups. 

Because all the backups in the world won’t help you if that e-mail or ERP server dies, and the back up tapes were defective.

But that is only the beginning.

An interview with author Geary W. Sikich at IT Business edge titled; Backing up Technology Only Part of the BC/DR Puzzle

Elliot’s Note:  BC is business continuity planning, and DR is disaster recovery planning –

Has a good reminder that a simple checklist of servers is not sufficient.

You cannot neglect the human issues of whom, where, and how you will operate if a calamity strikess your place of business.

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