Change Needs You, Or It Fails

February 24, 2009

Change is hard.

And I think it is doubly hard when there is a technology aspect to it.

As Michael Fillios writes here, Change is the heart more than the head.

It may be that sales rep keeping a shoebox full of contact information, or a software coder who refuses to document, it is a people issue, it is an emotional issue.

I don’t claim to have the answers.

Because it is something that I still have to work a on a daily basis.

The SMB Takeaway

As hard as change can be, it will be harder if you as the leader don’t embrace change.

If you do not support change clearly, the message to the people in your organization will be that change does not matter.

That the way we always do it around here will live on.

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NOTE: It was a snowy Sunday a few weeks ago when I cobbled this together, I was sitting watching feathery creatures flit around the yard (image), since then, a few other blogs have articulated the challenge with change, so for some linky goodness;

Olivier Blanchard with Dealing with agents of un-change  and Abandon Yesterday

And Vaughan Merlyn’s series of posts; Marketing and Leading Organizational Change


2 Responses to “Change Needs You, Or It Fails”

  1. elliotross Says:

    Thanks for dropping by!

    I remember when I got into this business – a book I was reading about Novell Netware (3.11 at the time) categorically stated that no one would network for “E-Mail”, but once you were networked – it was a great add on. Times change

    The only issue that I have with Pull (and I do it) is that sometimes you can lead a horse to water …..

  2. itorganization2017 Says:

    Elliot, congratulations for both raising this topic, and for admitting you don’t have all the answers. Anyone who thinks they do, doesn’t understand the question!

    A couple of thoughts, though.

    1. Behavior can be influenced by tools, and tools can change workflow. (Witness how many companies now rate email as their most important business tool!) So, IT can help lead change by changing workflow and making it easier to do the right thing – where “right” means strategically aligned.
    2. The old days of change approached as a “push” (here’s the new order processing system – learn it, use it, get over it!” are giving way to new “pull” approaches – here’s a social networking or collaboration tool – we’ll show you how to use it, we’ll lead by example, but it’s up to you if and how you will use it. (But we will subtly create all kinds of rewards, recognition and incentives for those that do use it, and use it effectively)

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