How Much Data Can You Afford To Lose?

February 26, 2009

What critical data are you backing up every day?

But more important; When are you backing it up?

Just overnight? Or does last person out the door hit ‘start’?

What is that data worth to you?

Is that A lot of questions?

Yes it is, and you should have the answers.

Because as important as backing up your data is. It is important to look at how much data you are willing to lose.

Why do I want to lose anything at all!

If something critical dies and you have to resort to going to your backup tapes to get it back. Well, by definition you will only have your data up to the time that backup was made.

If you accidentally delete that plan you were working on for the last few days, getting it back from last night’s backup tape may not be critical, it may mean some frustrated rewriting of what you did today.

But what if it was your point of sale data? Sure, you can restore it from last nights backup tape, but every sales transaction you made today is gone!

Can you redo all of that?

What is that data worth to you if you no longer have it?

Can it be recreated manually some way?

So, what is that data worth?

If it is not worth much, less frequent backup is perfect.

If it is worth the business. Maybe a little more often!

As Managers in the SME space, we may think we are covered by our current backup strategy – but ask your self truly – are you?

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Photo Credit zizzybaloobah


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