New Here? A Summary Of This Blog To Date

March 3, 2009

This blog has been dedicated to exposing technology  to non-technology managers in the SMB space. To uncover the technobabble  that too frequently takes the place of true communication.

My philosophy on SMB IT

In and of itself, technology doesn’t matter.

The technology only supports your people and processes.

Technology Managent in the SME space needs communication. 

Management of your IT cannot be abdicated, and change must be frequently communicated and managed.

As managers in the small business space, we know that our businesses are not all the same.  But we still need to determine a strategic vision and ensure that we are executing  it properly.

Do your best to root out complexity,  and never, ever forget that it is our customers that pay the bills. 

And those of us in IT? we need to evolve,  part negotiator, relationship manager, and with deep understanding of the interdependencies among data, processes, and the individuals using them.

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