Techies; Funny, Yet Sad

March 5, 2009

Neil Davidson posted this gem on the Sysadmin Network; What makes a great sysadmin?

The article is humerous, In the post, our writer asks for various services and with great IT aplomb and service, everything is good. But then our hero wakes up;

And then I realise that it’s not Bob I’ve been talking to, it’s Angelina Jolie. I look down and I’m wearing no clothes. And I shouldn’t be at work – I’ve got an exam to go to…… All too often, the real world answer to the questions I asked my friendly, fictional sysadmin will be “iTunes? Of course you can’t install freaking iTunes” and “Slow. What do you mean slow? Works fine on my computer.”

It brought back memories, those of you have been in the tech space for a while (ie 1990) will remember Simon – The Bastard Operator From Hell


It should not be a dream.

The world has changed since 1990. Business Technology in, and of itself does not matter.

It solely exists in enabling, supporting, and improving your business.

Now the difference between the strategic part of enabling, and the more service oriented supporting is huge – I won’t go into that here.

Suffice it to say;

Why do too many technologists keep up that lab coat act from the ’60’s?

Just like your other front line staff – service with a smile goes a long way.

Even if something can truly not be done;

Well, a little honey helps the medicine go down.

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