March 8, 2009

From the low-tech-is-important-too-category

CSO Online has this great article titled; The 4 Security Rules Employees Love to Break

John Stewart, CSO of Cisco Systems outlines those rules. The first of those is Tailgating

And 18 percent have allowed unknown individuals to tailgate behind employees into corporate facilities. 

Before getting into the tech business – I worked in the commercial real estate / property management field. I cannot tell you how often we saw this happen.

Here is how it would go down;

A well dressed individual would tailgate past your reception desk behind some of your staff. They would walk straight through the office grabbing anything they could quickly steal, and then exit the back door.

In office towers, the empty purses, wallets or cash boxes were usually found three floors down in the toilet tank of the men’s washroom. In single floor facilities, they were usually in the dumpster on, or next door to the property.

And Yes, there is a tech equivalent

It is IT staff using security network administrative privileges (God Mode!) on their regular computer accounts, then going to lunch.

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Photo Credit Kaptain Kobold via flickr


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