Support Incident From Hell

March 11, 2009

Dantes Gates of Hell 


Dante's Gates of Hell


This was so minor. Such a small thing.

Yet it escalated into a weeks worth of time, phone calls and frustration.

And it wasn’t even a technology issue.

The Problem

As a small business, we have a standard big name company postage meter.

As our administrative crew were doing the 2009 rate change updates to the embedded software, it blew up and died in a system fault.

They had tried 3 times to do the update, 20 minutes into the process it died each and every time.

Now I don’t know postage meters, but being the tech guy, I said I would help out. And then I tried it once more. Same blow up.

There was no information on the web. So I had to call their support line.


Voice options up to 9 deep – not all of them very clear either. And no option to back up! if you made a wrong choice – it was hang up and call again.

I finally navigate the maze and get to the Hooman

Who does the Dump The Chump game – tells me to try it again (as if the 5th time will be any different than the first)

Of course the same 20 minutes later it died, in the exact same place, and error

I then have to wade through the same prompts and wait another 30 minutes on hold. They said that they would send a replacement unit.

The Replacement

Sure enough a new unit arrived – with no instructions on how to properly transfer the fund balance & install the new unit 

You got it : I then have to wade through the same prompts and wait another 30 minutes on hold.

Once I made it through to the human – a two second response that he would fax those instructions –

If it is that common an issue  don’t you think including them in the box would make sense?

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Photo Credit: Stuck In Customs via Flickr


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