Real SMB IT: Hand-Me-Downs

March 12, 2009

I have written on this bog that the total cost of ownership in the planning the lifecycle of IT assets is important. And that generally speaking, that total cost of ownership can be reduced in replacing IT hardware before it reaches the point that it needs  extensive and regular servicing.

Easy To Say.. But….. $$$$!


In the SMB space, that may not be a financial luxury that we have. 

And I have broken that rule before.

I have generally worked in organizations that extensively use technology, ie software development firms.

In this type of organization, the ROI of a new computer asset is generally fastest when it speeds up the often slow software compile process and other direct R&D computer intensive tasks.

Even though it took more of my time (not good, time=money) I found that instead of having a software developer on a three year old machine (which is several generations old in PC hardware) while I had to purchase a new machine for reception or an A/P staffer, that doing a hand-me-down was the best way.

I could easily measure this ROI, as compiling code is something that can be easily timed and benchmarked.

So I would purchase the required new computer to the specifications required for the development team, then re-purpose the older development team hardware to that receptionist or A/P staffer.

Even an ‘older’ PC that was spec’d for a developer, is twice as much horsepower as required for general office productivity software and e-mail.

This may not fit all organization types, but if you are a SMB in the tech space, consider it

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