Boiling the Ocean

March 16, 2009

Rick Spence has a great article in the Financial Post  about small businesses that may be setting their sights too high.

And he gives some great advice on not trying to boil the ocean, either scaling down or segmenting your customer base.

I want to scale this concept back to simply our IT function.

Because this is an issue I have seen many times, including recently.

Like many businesses we have initiated several initiatives to reduce costs. Including several on the IT side.

Here is what happens;

Everybody talks and all agree that We can do X, Y, and Z and when its over we save some money.


Well, assuming in some vague future we get all of those done, sure we may. But that is trying to boil the ocean.

I have to constantly push and prod to not attempt to boil that ocean.

As a manager in the small to medium business space, you need to ensure that you are breaking this down into achievable objectives.

So lets revisit;

We have identified a desired state (or outcome)

We have identified several goals that will will contribute to reaching that desired state (deliverable)

We now need concrete work plans to deliver on those goals.

We than work on plan X and reap those savings today – not maybe one year from now

We then work on plan Y and reap those savings by next month – not maybe one year from now

The SMB Takeawy

Well, after all a bird (or dollar) in the hand …..

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Photo Credit  jenny downing via flickr


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