The No Name PC and Tech Support

March 17, 2009

I had to contact a vendor of a small piece of software used by our development team.

The very first question from their support team; 

What make of PC?

It is a name brand machine, and unfortunately I was not smart enough to say no-name, because I am willing to bet that if I had stated that it was a no-name PC, the next words would have been something like try it on another PC…

In this post; Name Brand vs. No-Name PC’s  I stated that for business, I do recommend the name brand machines. And this is another reason why.

Personally, I have never seen general purpose software like this tool blow up because it was running on a white box PC rather than a name brand one.

The ones that will give you grief are the ones that need to directly access the hardware.

The software that directly accesses the hardware includes the operating system (IE MS Windows or Linux) and the software that needs to run hardware such as DVD burners or sound cards. (or in the old days, modems)

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