IT And A Punch Clock

March 18, 2009

I had an interesting conversation with a senior exec of a larger SME.

Now I have a question for you all.

I want to know if my experience is biased.

The Background

My career in tech has been in knowledge industries – such as software development.

Those of us in the tech space are not professionals in the sense of the legal, and finance professions – but still, in the tech space, the means of production is between your ears.

This, exec was with a more traditional low tech organization.

Where production is manual. You Punch in and you punch out. And his concern was his IT staff and the clock.

Now in my experience, the punch clock is not part of tech, because nights and weekends are part of the job.

As this ITWorld Canada article points out – work/life balance is very, very rare in the IT space.

So in my opinion, as a SMB tech, if you were in the office until midnight, punching in at 7:30 AM was not a high priority.

If you are in a similar low tech organization I would love to hear your opinion.

Photo Credit much ado about nothing via flickr

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