You! Step Away From That Server Room!

March 19, 2009

As an executive in a larger SME, ask yourself a few questions;

  •  Does your senior IT leader know the names of your biggest clients?
  •  Does your senior IT leader know what their issues are? 
  •  Does your senior IT leader know why they choose to deal with you?

Could you answer Yes to all of those? If you did – please stop here! You are already most likely using IT to assist with customer acquisition and retention.

If you answer No it may be time for someone to step away from that server room once in a while.

They are just techies – Why?

I can think of several reasons – can you add more?

Could you find out what your customers find most difficult in dealing with you? And maybe make it quicker, easier and less expensive?

Could you find out additional services that your customer does not even realize they could use?

Could you find out the true difficulties your sales or client services team has where the rubber meets the road; in your customers facilities?

The SMB Takeaway

I like doing business with organizations that are quick, and easy to business with. Don’t you?

It is easy to think;  Hey, they buy from us – all is good..

But maybe they like the product enough that they put up with issues that frustrate them.

Of course, if they find a similar product from someone that doesn’t frustrate them, then that is money you may never get back ….

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