Real SMB IT: Where is Your Website?

March 20, 2009

There have been at least two occasions over the last few years where smaller orgnizations that I know lost their web sites.

OK, not lose it like you lose your glasses or your wallet.

But they lost it none the less.

Either the tech staffer set it up and later left, or a contractor did.

In one case, there was not even a record of who the hosting company was, in the second, they had no idea of the password required to be able to change anyting at all on their own web site.

So in both cases they were held hostage by a lack of information.

The SMB Takeaway

You own that web site.

Make sure that your IT staff or supplier documents those details.

And make sure that you know where that documentation is.

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2 Responses to “Real SMB IT: Where is Your Website?”

  1. elliotross Says:

    Allen, that one is coming very shortly !
    thanks for visiting!

  2. Allen Falcon Says:


    I have seen too many companies run into web site problems, only to spend hours or days figuring out the hosting firm, how to contact them, and how to access the site.

    I add the following parallels:

    Know your Domain Registrars
    Know who controls your DNS

    We see instances often where the Domains are registered with one firm, but a current or past web developer controls the DNS records.

    It can be messy when you need to debug problems or make a change.


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