Can SMB’s Learn From Police & Military Planning?

March 24, 2009

Military Strategy

Military Strategy


A few weeks ago, on a brief state visit, United States President Barack Obama was here in Ottawa.

During his visit, President Obama made a brief undisclosed stop in a tourist area of Ottawa. 

Rapid Response

After the presidents visit, one of the senior leaders of the Ottawa Police Services was interviewed about the logistical challenges posed to the service on this undisclosed stop.

His response was that they were prepared with just a few minutes notice to provide seamless coverage where and whenever required.

Having served in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve, my first thought was of course, standard operating procedure.

Because the Military works the same way when the conditions are unknown and unknowable. You maintain your perimeter, and then rapid response teams that can move any way that you need on short notice.

What Can SMB’s Learn?

As I thought about it, as a small business manager, for us the future is equally unknown, and for the most part unknowable.

We cannot spend hours, sweat, and money on every possible opportunity and risk.

What we can do is ensure that our people, our systems and our processes are flexible, and able to react with just a short notice.

Like dancers we move and pivot.

We can adjust quickly to both opportunities and risks, as the Police Services did, wherever, and whenever necessary.

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