Real SMB IT: Your Domain, You Own It

March 26, 2009

Your domain is your address on the Internet.  

That domain  is the part of your e-mail and web site. In fact you had to pay for it.

So, where is your records of thatpurchase  information?

Or did you just have it set up by the same guy that hosts or builds your web site?

As a SME owner or manager, keep in mind – that domain name– should be your property. Not your web host or contractor.

For larger SMB’s, ensure that the registrar administration information is assigned to someone senior in the organization, or even a role.

Not a junior staffer who could be gone next week.

For smaller organizations, it is still your property – not your contractor or IT supplier.

Even if you contract a company do do your website – ensure that you are the registered owner, that the contact information is you, not them.

Unlike a physical street address, an Internet address is mobile!

Do you have all that information documented and available?

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