Some Get It, Some Don’t

March 30, 2009

I was reading an industry rag and read an article about research how consumers now want instant information via the web. The article was primarily oriented around luxury products. But I doubt it is limited to that.

I was surprised.

That still, in this day and age, some businesses still can’t see it!

They still don’t get it; the Web is your new face! Let me quote one businessman;

..good sales people trump a good web site

Guess what – your sales people will never be found without a good web site.

Using terms by John A. Quelch & Katherine E. Jocz and their article How To Market In A Downturn at the Harvard  Business Review  (Subscription required) when your product or service is either postponable, or expendable because of the economy. Then you better be working hard.

And in this case, this product is both.

I am your sales peoples worst customer,

And, I am your sales peoples best customer

I am their worst, because they won’t see me. I won’t be asking for information, I won’t be asking for details.

And I am their best, because when I have decided that your product or service is what I want – all they need to do is tell me where to sign. The entire transaction is over in minutes.

Consumers now dictate the rules of engagement – not you!

The number of people who research their purchases over the Internet first grows every year (you probably do!)

In fact if you are in the B2B market, The Marketing Sherpa did a marketing  study  that identified;

an astounding 80% of B2B sellers and buyers stated that when planning a purchase, that their decision makers and contributors identified that “We found the vendor.” 

Note, your sales people did not find them – they found you!

So your good sales people are helpless if the the customer found someone else first.

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