Consultants And The Keys

March 31, 2009

Businesses of all sizes use IT consultants.

IT Consultants can recommend strategic IT priorities.

And they can help you do more with less for the nitty gritty installation and configuration of big software or servers that you don’t have the staff or time to do.

As a SMB manager, You still have to make sure that you are holding the keys to your kingdom.

There will be, and must be, an end of the relationship at some point.

They cannot hold the keys forever, and you cannot be a hostage to missing information.

The onus is on you to make sure that the knowledge or work they have done is accurately and effectively left with you.

Photo Credit bohman via flickr


One Response to “Consultants And The Keys”

  1. Excellent Elliot.

    One of the worst things an organization can do is hire a consultant and then not learn from that consultant.

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