B2B vs. B2C, Fear And IT Strategy

April 1, 2009

Tom Hall has a thought provoking piece titled; The Difference Between B2B and B2C buyers.

Mr. Hall states that the majority of business to business buyers thoroughly research their vendors prior to engaging with them. This echo’s research by Marketing Research firm The Marketing Sherpa  which identified that about 80% of the time your customer found you through research, and not you finding your customers. (so if your marketing strategy does not help people research you, maybe you should revisit that!)

What is a little different about Mr. Halls article is this;

Research buying is driven by fear – the fear of the unknown

The author expands on that, this fear can be driven from the perceived personal risk associated with a business solution (maybe even your job) vs. the risk of a consumer purchase relationship.

We have had a few discussions on this blog about clear and explicit corporate goals  and this fear idea struck me as a clean, clear objective that can be addressed by your organization. 

An objective of Reduce Perceived Customer Risk is clear, specific and something that all parts of the organization can sink their teeth into.

From marketing (obtain 2 high quality case studies) right through to IT.

How Can IT help reduce perception of risk?

There are probably many ideas – chime in if you think of some!

But I can think of ensuring that every customer touch point is easy and seamless – leaving your customer to say Damn they’re good.. And then facilitating that customer satisfaction comment into true social communications.

The SMB Takeaway

We have talked many times about being drop dead easy to do business with.

When looking at how your customers are interacting with you – look at the areas that you can say don’t be afraid…

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Remove Fear

Remove Fear

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