Can Social Networking Pay Off?

April 2, 2009

Several weeks ago we debated ROI vs. value in the realm of Social Media or Web 2.0 for businesses. And right in line with that blogversation (thanks for the word Rick!).

Andrew Conry-Murray has an article titled; Can Enterprise Social Networking Pay Off? at Internet evolution.

When these social networking tools are used to connect with customers and partners, there are usually ways to calculate a payback. But when companies provide them to employees, they’re often going on little more than a gut instinct that these applications will be good for business. “It’s not like you’re creating revenue,”

Now don’t get ‘yer knickers in a knot!

The article is not being negative about the role of social networking in business.

It gives some great insight into organizations that are digging for data out of these initiatives, including analytics, bridging organizational and geographic boundaries and the like.

Check out Andrews full article!

It has many examples of value that can be measured and earned from a Social Media initiative

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One Response to “Can Social Networking Pay Off?”

  1. PennySue Says:

    Enterprise social networking can pay off, through social networks they are able to be contact with users and viewers 24//7. Through social networks they are able to reach a higher volume of revenue with advertising their marketed products or services.

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