Death, Taxes, And IT Failures

April 3, 2009

Sooner or later, it is inevitable that something in your IT infrastructure is going to fail.

Like anything with many parts, failure is going to happen. It is not If, just When

Too often, small businesses don’t plan for that when.

Sure somebody may be sticking tapes in a backup tape drive. But there are still many issues that must be planned for.

Is your critical data actually being backed up onto those tapes? 

You will probably be surprised to find that data has exploded into areas that were not originally part of your backup plans.

Have restore tests been made?

It should be done at least once a month – the day you lose it all is not the day that you want to find that none of those backups have been working properly.

How about your plans if it is the server that controls your backup tapes is the one that fails?

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

The SMB Takeaway

As managers in the SMB space, you should have at least basic disaster recovery plans. And you should ensure that those recovery plans are practiced periodically.

Because disaster recovery practice is too late if the failure has already happened!

If you have had to fight through a failure that you were not prepared for – let me know!

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Photo Credit Topato’s via flickr


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