Real SMB IT, And Vampires?

April 4, 2009


OK, OK, the title is borrowed from this excellent post by Tim Walker at Hoovers Business titled; Killing Off A Vampire Project.

I won’t give it away, go visit! 

It is too real, too true, yet done in a humorous vein!

If you are a senior manager or executive in a larger business in the SME space, I would bet that you probably have at least one of those vampire projects hanging around.

I hear you asking for the reason I feel confident in saying that?

You know that I don’t know anything about your business!

Well, it’s like This!

1) Remember that ERP project that wrapped up a few years ago? Well, it never did really wrap up – Pareto’s 80/20 law is long gone  now. The Phase 5 the IT team is working on now is boatloads of costs because one manager wants this report to tab differently, and that manager wants her staff to see this entry field over there – because it would be easier.

2) You may not remember, but about a year ago you made that off the cuff remark during that frustrating meeting? You probably didn’t know that your IT Director was told it was a priority and that she was to take the point on fixing it.

3) That project to improve ordering on line for your customers is on hold, because right now the IT team are working on the project for that manager who has them upgrading the old application you retired and replaced with that ERP application. (he likes the old reports!) 

The SMB Takeaway

All of the above have one thing in common. IT has become a Make It So! order taker.

Not part of the conversation.

And as long as that is the case – I will be quite confident that you will be wasting money on vampire projects.

Because nature abhors a vacuum – some one will fill that space. It may be the squeakiest wheel, it may just be the one that asks.

But it will most likely not be one that aligns with your current priorities.

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Nature Abhors A Vacuum

Nature Abhors A Vacuum



Photo Credit pauly..  via flickr


2 Responses to “Real SMB IT, And Vampires?”

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