DIY, Or The Best Use Of Time?

April 7, 2009

Glen John Feechan, at accountingweb and Rick Roberge at The RainmakerMaker both reference this.

Lets break it down.

Time equals Money

If you are a manager at a small to medium business, if you calculate your own hourly rate to attempt to do what an exert can do in a third the time, is the value there?

Simply, No.

Now, in fairness, with the current economic mess I have read about businesses that have cancelled their cleaning contracts and have their own people take out the garbage.

If we are in this state and coming in on weekends to low value work is required, guess what – we go for it.

But if that is not the case …….

Ask yourself if it is the best use of your time.

Look at this post I did titled; 2 Images, what is different.

If you did not follow the link, it is the difference in cost of basic IT purchases at retail, vs. through the distribution channel.

Now I have crawled around walls and ceilings dragging network cables, but it is not something I am an expert at.

If I dedicate an entire weekend to it, I might, just might – get as much done as hiring an expert who gets it done in a couple of hours. Is that a valid use of my time?

Another example, I had a senior IT staffer (if you have hired one of us, you know we ain’t cheap!) who liked to build his own network patch cables.

At his salary, raw materials, build and test, would require that he make about a perfect cable per minute to justify it. 


Price or quality pick one.

In fact, using the logic I describe here, read this post, and tell me economically which would you recommend!

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