Sitcoms,Cameras And Privacy; Whazzat?

April 9, 2009

You must know, I have never enjoyed American style sitcoms – their humour is only embarrassment – you know, person A blows off person B to do something with person C – and you know the whole damn 30 minute punch line is person B showing up where A and C are dining to spoil the party.

But this situation is creeping (galloping?) into our lives faster and faster. We talk about the big brother in government watching our lives, but it seems that we are getting into public big brothers all watching, filming, and tweeting our lives. 

– Is it hedonistic voyeurism?

Mitch at Six Pixels of Separation  had me thinking of this.

Our privacy is definitely disappearing – not even in a big government sense.

Along with Mitch’s fictional tweet;

Here in Canada, a Police Taser death of Robert Dziekanski – amateur video changed the context 

At the G20 summit in London,  protesters death escalates, yes video. 

Lets look at it this way

When Captain “Sully” of Miracle on the Hudson fame brought that beast in, camera photos and twitter streams provided instantaneous coverage.

But in those camera phone pictures – pick any two of the other bystanders in the frame that most of us would ignore – oops is that your best sales rep & the CEO of your biggest competitor? – what the hell are they together for?

(OK for the cynical, your best friend and your wife or husband)

Not to forget the infamous Ketchum tweet (twit?) It seems as if it is getting to the point where if you are outside the walls of your own home, you have to expect that some way, some where, and in some context, it is going to be published.

Where does that leave us?

I don’t honestly know.

Do we just ignore it?

Do we have to start believing that every out doors moment is inevitably public?

(reminds me of a movie with Robin Williams – help me if you remember the title – where he edits peoples lives for their funerals)

As Mitch states, is it a code of ethics?

Can we state, just because we can in a tech sense, that we should?

Professional baseball players (I guess) get used to having huge audiences watching as the scratch their ,,, (ok as they adust their jock straps) But can the rest of us?

I would love to hear your input!

UPDATE: Nat Torkington at O’Reilly Radar  pointed me to this Caterina Fake article titled; We Live In Public

Very true……

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2 Responses to “Sitcoms,Cameras And Privacy; Whazzat?”

  1. elliotross Says:

    raino- that is a good way of putting it!

  2. raino Says:

    to your question of where does that leave us…well, it leaves me defenseless and frightened.

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