I Am Furious, Just Frigging Furious

April 15, 2009

I had a chat with one of our corporate field staff yesterday.

He had me absolutely furious. Literally.

And No – It wasn’t our staffer that had me furious

He has been having difficulty in dealing with a customer, because e-mail kept failing. It turns out that e-mail from our domain was being blocked – in fact e-mail from this customers biggest supplier was also being blocked.

3 months of unresponsive IT requests to get it resolved.

When the owner of this customer business finally forced the IT contractor to respond, the contractors words were;

I control the systems

bull shit

Let me tell you arse wipe – you don’t.

You control f*** all

You may maintain it – that is it. Period!

It is a business asset. And a business tool.

As such it is controlled by the business

PS: An I hope you read this because I told our field staffer to have that owner call me you arse wipe. 

The SMB Takeaway

You IT assets are yours. Not your IT staff or your suppliers – Yours and yours alone.

If you have a staffer or supplier like the above, kick their effing arse out the door.

PPS: My apologies for the language.

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Photo credit by anguila40 / Alejandro Groenewold via flickr


4 Responses to “I Am Furious, Just Frigging Furious”

  1. elliotross Says:

    raino – no kidding – the hired help claiming to be lord of the manor!

    mikeathome, thanks – typo – and fixed. You are probably right about the blood pressure – but in 15 years of IT, and just over a year on this blog, my goal has been to get rid if that “priest in the lab-coat” idea of tech –

    Pick any month in the archives – just about any one is about explaining tech for non-technology managers in the SMB space!

    Thanks so much for dropping by!

  2. raino Says:

    yikes! what a piss off.

  3. mikeathome Says:

    ps. That Home page link is busted

  4. mikeathome Says:

    Hey man, people like that aren’t worth getting your blood pressure up!

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