“audio-memories” I Can Just See It

April 16, 2009

from the I-wonder-if-there-is-an-erase-button-department

Check out this FastCompany article – just about half way down the page, first;

At design’s premier event, settees make way for sex toys by signature designers.

But the real quote is this (emphasis mine);

Vessel One by Adam Farlie is a bed that records intimacies, conversations and incidental stirrings and replays them at random intervals as “audio-memories.”

I can see that audio memory right now –

SMACKI knew you were sleeping with that woman!!!!

Ouch 🙂

Back to your regularly scheduled programming….


2 Responses to ““audio-memories” I Can Just See It”

  1. elliotross Says:


    Snore – erase!

  2. raino Says:

    jeesh …. that wouldn’t be a good audio

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