A Snapshot In Time; Doesn’t Work

April 20, 2009

I have spent a lot of time on this blog writing that strong documented frameworks such as ITIL can help reduce your IT costs.

In ITIL, the concept behind all of the processes (ie Change and Configuration Management) is having up to date configurations of all IT assets. 

Larger businesses will need more complex configuration management databases, but even smaller businesses should ensure that accurate documentation is maintained.

‘Maintained’ is the key word.

If I document a server configuration, database linkages between applications, or any device configuration. If that information is not modified each and every time it changes, all I have a snapshot of that IT asset at one point in time.

It becomes obsolete as soon as it is written.

A process for managing that asset ensures that its configuration is a living document.

The SMB Takeaway

Photographs can be a great reminder of what a particular event was a few years ago.

But if there is an issue or problem with your IT infrastructure – a few years ago is useless.

You need a reminder of what it was just a few minutes ago.

If you do not enforce a process of ensuring this information is maintained, all you have is an old photograph. Maybe nice to look at , but not of much value to you now.

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Photo Credit: Jeff the Trojan via flickr


2 Responses to “A Snapshot In Time; Doesn’t Work”

  1. elliotross Says:

    John, Thanks for dropping by!

    I could agree more – back in November I broke down that granularity trade off for my SMB target audience;


  2. John Borwick Says:

    Definitely. Besides the importance of an effective change management process to keep your configuration management database up-to-date, it is also important not to go overboard in what you’re trying to track. The more stuff you’re trying to track, the harder you’re making your life!

    Track as few items (and item attributes) as you can stand!

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