Can You Tell A Story?

April 21, 2009

Tell A Story!

Tell A Story!

Although this blog is primarily geared towards non-technology managers in the small to medium business, allow me to digress and aim this one at technologists working in the SMB space.

We all know that most of us fall asleep through dry bullet point presentations. At some point the facts and figures just blur. Maybe we even lose the frame of reference in the entire presentation.

But as Glenn Whitfield points out on his IT Business Alignment blog, try telling a story!

Just tell a story.  For thousands of years, human beings have learned many life lessons from stories or fables (remember Aesop’s Fables).  So why not use them to get your point across?  In just a few paragraphs, you can tell someone about a problem (the issue), provide a plausible explanation (impact of the issue), and teach a lesson (the solution to the issue). 

That is good advice, because when it comes to tech – most business managers eyes start to glaze over after the first or second sentence. 

Don’t forget, even an analogy is a story, and it can translate something into an easier to understand frame of reference.

I’ve mentioned it before, I work for a business that does some work in the automotive industry. So obviously, the people in our organization understand automotive references – more than they understand technobabble.

So I consciously attempt to explain technical issues or concepts within the frame of reference that our business leaders already understand.

Because a picture, even if it is a verbal one, can be worth a thousand technical words!

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One Response to “Can You Tell A Story?”

  1. raino Says:

    great advice!

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