Reach Across The Aisle

April 23, 2009

Patty Azzarello has an excellent article geared towards business technology executives on CIO Update titled; Mastering the Art of IT/Business Alignment 

I am the first to admit that for many technology staff, putting the business first can be a challenge.

Even communicating without using technobabble is a challenge for many.

But I know some are trying! Maybe you brushed off some question from your senior IT staff as not being relevant.

As a manager in the small business / medium business space, yes, your senior IT management staff should be asking those business questions. If they haven’t, Take some time to start asking those business questions.

One of two things will happen, either you will start being pleasantly surprised, or you will notice that your senior IT staff are just ‘tech’ staffers.

Business Technology is a business function, just as marketing or sales. And for senior managers, simple delivery of commitments and internal functional expertise is just table stakes- nothing more.

Demonstrating cross-functional business communication is what starts aligning the stars in a truly successful organization.

The SMB Takeaway

Yes, your IT staff should be part of the business conversation. If they are not, like they say in politics, try reaching across the aisle. And invite that conversation!

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