Your IT Infrastructure Needs Power

April 27, 2009

From the servers holding your data and applications, the network switches that connect all of your machines, right to the router or firewall that connects you to the Internet. And yes, even your phone system if you use a PBX or Voice over IP (VoIP).

They all need power! 

Uninteruptable Power Supplies (battery backups) can protect your systems from brief power surges or or outages, but they cannot protect you from outages lasting hours, or worse, days.

Longer outages can happen from something as local as an accidentally cut power line, to regional wind or winter storms bringing down power lines or transformers.

That does not even mention what we call disasters from flood or fire!

When the power is out for more than a few minutes, the only way to keep IT infrastructure working in these longer outages is backup power  generation capability.

The SMB Takeaway

Look at your power situation when making any decision on your IT, from the decision to host your web server on your own premises to the type and size of UPS batteries for your servers and other devices. If your facility does not have power generation backup, you are at the mercy of the power grid. 

So it would not make sense to look strategically at some issue that would require high power availability.




Photo Credit Tim Dorr  via flickr

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