Are You Following The Plan?

May 6, 2009

You have set the vision for your IT team that aligns with your business goals.

But have you created a plan?

While a good vision can provide all staff with what the future should look like, it is your plan that will provide the driving directions that will get you there.

Create that plan, for near, mid and longer term goals.

Yes, it will probably change!

The world changes, the future is unknown. There will be changes in direction and detours, maybe even some flooded, washed out roads!

But you need that direction!

For you, a general manager in the SME space, there is one caveat though!

Good portions of the IT plan depend on your current business strategy. So yes your strategic planning must be part of the conversation.

My goal setting and IT planning to improve remote office connectivity and grow the infrastructure for three more remote facilities is as useless as a milk pail under a bull…

If this current economic climate has you planning to close down the existing two remote offices.

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Photo Credit teepoole  via flickr


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