When Software Sucks

May 7, 2009

Julien Dionne has this great post on his Leapcomp blog titled; Which SPM Vendor “Sucks” the Most?

Here are the bullets, follow the link for the full details!

Look in your own yard

Not the right solution?

Maybe it was your implementation partner that was not so great?

Now, Once In A while…

Sure – there is no denying it; once in a while slick Joe (cough, cough) may oversell a software product. (Sure! The cerebral interface will be in version 2!)

But as I wrote in this post titled Marketing Myth 3 – How Not To Buy Software  Many times enterprise software failures are self inflicted wounds.

Lack of Executive Commitment? Check

No definition of scope and scope creep? Yep, got that

Lack of User input; throw it over the wall and hope something sticks? Got that too

No education or change management planning ? Uh huh

I will close with the same line I closed that previous post with;

If you as a SME business manager fail at any of the above, your software implementation will most likely fail.

Because that software vendor cannot control you.

Photo Credit Kriegerinhummel  via flickr 

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