Purple Hair? I’m Not Worried!

May 20, 2009

An article in the May 2009 Issue of Training Magazine titled; Is She Your Next CEO? is a decent article. The cover shows a typical pierced Gen-Y.

The article then goes into the Gen-Y or millennial ‘characteristics’ and how leadership development will need to adjust.

As far as I am concerned, across generations there is always a need to adjust.

But I am not overly worried about at least one part of it.

You see – I was born in ’64 – and hit my formative years in the late ’70’s.

And well – we looked like that too. Yup. Punk.

I am sure managers in the ’70’s were asking themselves the very same questions!

Dontcha think?

Disclosure: I was in the military (reservist) by early ’81 so the hair was not like that – but the ear rings etc sure were. To this day I chuckle when I see Gen-Y’s with Misfits, DOA or UK Decay patches or clothing, yes kid – been there, done that!

’70’s Punkers Photo Credit BBC


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