This Hurts, Even To Read

May 22, 2009

Read this article By Gene Kim at Information Security Resources.

28 hours ago, when we started testing, my team started finding failures left and right.  Which is what we expected, given all the corners that were cut by the developers because of deadlines

That quote is one snippet, one gem in a long line.

There are enough lessons for an entire book. And don’t think that because you are an SME that you are immune.

In fact because you are an SME, you probably don’t even have the segregation of development, quality control and downstream production servers that Mr. Kim describes.

In Short?

If you cut corners, some where, some when, you will pay for it, and next – make sure Plan ‘B’ is ready to go. And yes Plan ‘B’ can be a rollback to the state that existed before you started.

But here is the problem, if you were doing all this first on your production servers and environment – can you even go back to the the way it was?

(hint: My odds would be better than casino odds betting against you!)

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