IT, In Marketing?

June 6, 2009

OK, feel free to laugh!

In many, many posts on this blog I have argued that your senior IT staff should be conversant with all disciplines in your business; to the relevant level of detail.

Then in this post,  Ahh forget it – forget I wrote it!

Anyway, we have not done a good job at Web Marketing, I demonstrated to our management team using Google’s Adwords Keyword tool  that in a market we compete in, that one single key word generated over 22 thousand queries on Google last month, and we were no where to be found in those results.

Be Careful What You Wish For!

OK, the boss was nice enough to ask, but you guessed it, at least on the Web side, this IT guy is going to be helping out in marketing.

So don’t change your dial for the details of a typical SME improving their Web Presence! It’s going to be fun!

And hey, for the longest time I have been ‘lurking’ and learning from some of the best!

This series continues with; Real SMB IT;  Learning Web Site Optimization

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2 Responses to “IT, In Marketing?”

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