Accident, Or IT, Avoidance Isn’t Glamorous

June 9, 2009

Two, well, let me say, rather disconnected events spurred this post!

An Accident That Never Was

First, on the way into work last week I was almost smacked pretty nicely by a 5 Ton truck. It definitely would have been at least a tow truck type accident.

On my local highway there is a point where two highways join (for anyone in Ottawa reading this – the “split” at 174 and 417), and during rush hour, that point comes to dead stop. The truck was behind me on the fast portion – I was watching him in the rear view and saw that he was signaling to get into the right lanes, I could also see that he was looking in his side mirrors. Of course I could also see traffic in front of me was at a standstill. Inertia being what it is, I knew he could not make that lane change or stop in time.

So I wiggled my little car onto the left hand shoulder, right up against the guardrail and actually drove up beside the car that should have been in front of me. I got a funny look from that driver! – but figured that he was just not as observant as I was! Sure enough, that 5 ton got stopped – but close enough to both of our automotive back sides that I had still been behind that other car, it would have been a spectacular surprise and curse fest for all.


There was a bit of adrenaline rush, but it was a non-event. Nothing happened. No emergency; and no spectators. We all continued on towards our destinations.

It reminded me (I should amend that, after the adrenaline rush wore off!) of a discussion I previously had with the president of the company I work for. That conversation was about how aligning along ITIL lines with process and financial discipline had reduced both our IT costs, and the (very) large amount of outages and service failures that we had been having when I joined them.

During that talk, he made the comment; How soon we forget…

The SMB Takeaway

According to the film and television industry – arsonists often stay to watch the fires they start.

I am not stating that your IT staff or suppliers are deliberately setting fires; but if there seems to be too many heroic incidents battling flames and smoke!… (OK, OK dead servers and the like) You should start asking questions.

Because like an accident that never happened, you should not see anything at all. It is not sexy or glamorous, there are no flashing lights or sirens.

But at the end of the day – isn’t that what we want?

PS: I forgot to mention, my car is just over 1 week old – if I had got smacked, I really, really, really would have been pissed!

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Photo Credit jaxxon via flickr


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